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How do you value travel? Start here if you're new to Southern Points.

If you’re new to Southern Points, start here: How do you value travel?

Is it the destinations you visit? Or the time away? Maybe it’s the deal you got. Perhaps you travel for business, and it’s just part of the job.

However you travel, there are ways to improve the quality and quantity of your experience with just a few tricks.

My name is Christian, and I love traveling.

The purpose of Southern Points

Southern Points covers frequent flyer miles, hotel points, and credit card rewards from a southern perspective.

Many sites share travel advice and deals but write from the perspective of people who live in large cities with major airport hubs.

The purpose of Southern Points is to fill this void in part, covering travel from the heartland of America and finding the best deals from wherever you’re departing – even regional airports!

If you’re reading the articles on this site, you’ll notice that they are posted about three times a week at most. That’s because I don’t make a lot of money, and I haven’t quit my job to write about travel hacks full-time (maybe in the future!).

I am passionate about travel rewards, points and miles, and everything that comes with exploring new travel destinations.

What you can find here

These are the specialties of this site, in addition to the best points and miles strategies you can succeed in:

  • International travel experiences
  • Travel across the Southern U.S.
  • Departing from regional airports
  • Destinations in America’s heartland

I’ve been able to travel in ways that I would have never thought were possible before learning to utilize a points and miles strategy, and (as I said above) I don’t make a ton of money.

If you like what you see, return to get helpful in-depth analysis, reviews, and useful reference guides for points and miles travel.

Where do you see yourself traveling this year? A points and miles strategy can help you get there.

In addition, credit card rewards are an important part of a points and miles strategy and are included in the analysis of this site.

Start here and follow along, and whether you’re a beginner or experienced traveler, be sure to come back for unique information and experiences you won’t get anywhere else.

Questions or comments? Drop me a line at southernpointsinfo (at) gmail (dot) com.

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